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Pallet changer PW 3000

With the pallet changer PW 3000, Hermle advances to new weight and workpiece dimensions in the automation of its 5-axis machining centers.
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C 32

With the C 32, Hermle can boast yet another heavyweight in 5-axis / 5-side machining - this machining center can handle workpieces up to 1000 kg - very dynamically and working on five axes simultaneously.
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New Issue of the Hermle INSIGHTS I 2014

The first issue of Hermle Insights 2014 reveals details of current projects, provides interesting insights into ongoing product developments as well as presenting company news.

Interesting new features in this issue

  • New machining center C 12
  • Interesting user reports from a wide variety of sectors

Download Insights Edition 1 2014

Robot systems

Adapting a Hermle machining centre and a robot system with heavy load rack creates a highly productive flexible production system with the designation RS 2, RS 3 or RS 4.