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The thermal injection technique that HERMLE has been establishing over more than 10 years of intensive research and development is the only one of its kind on the market, and it opens up completely new dimensions in the field of additive manufacturing. The technique unites the ideas of additive production and better milling, for especially the combination of material augmentation and metal cutting in a single machine creates undreamt-of possibilities for manufacturing even large-sized metal components. From the integration of efficient cooling ducts to sophisticated material combinations – find out about the exceptional features of this new additive production technique for yourself.


The innovative MPA technology is based on a unique application process for powdered metal. In combination with semi-finished products and conventional chipping, this gives rise to completely new options when it comes to manufacturing components using hybrid techniques. You can find out what makes this technology so special here!


Discover the broad range of applications for MPA technology and the convincing arguments in its favour, especially for toolmaking and mouldmaking for injection and pressure die casting methods. Whether close-to-contour cooling for injection moulding tools, additive production of semi-finished items, integrated copper cores for thermal conduction or integrated heating elements – here ist where you can find out more!

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Get to know more about the HERMLE MPA technology at one of our information events. Talk to our staff members about your ideas and wishes. We shall be very pleased to provide advice and show you how you and your own applications can profit from this unique technology. Please click on the ‘All dates’ button for an event schedule.


HERMLE Maschinenbau GmbH (HMG)

HERMLE Maschinenbau GmbH, located at Ottobrunn near Munich, is a subsidiary of the Maschinenfabrik Berthold HERMLE AG. The company’s main focus: Basic research and development of new technologies in the field of additive manufacturing. We have also been providing comprehensive manufacturing capability exclusively to HERMLE customers for several years, allowing them access to our patented MPA technique for the production of components, including large dimensions.

HERMLE Maschinenbau GmbH
Daimlerstraße 6
85521 Ottobrunn
Phone: +49 (0) 896735950-20


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