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Design and manufacture of a test kit holder for the Maximilian-Kolbe-School in Rottweil-Hausen

Claudia Müller, who is in charge of youth job assistance at MKS, approached Hermle AG's training department with this request. All students at the school currently have to be tested twice a week for the Coronavirus.

The swab must not come into contact with any surfaces during the test. Further, it is also difficult for the students to transfer the liquid into another container without spilling it. Apprentice Felix Müller was therefore given the task of designing a holder that met all these requirements.

After collecting several proposals and picking the best one, he created a CAD program. The test swab can be placed on the holder. The two holes allow the containers with the liquids to be stowed away safely. And there is also a compartment for the lateral flow device. Finally, the entire holder was provided with the Hermle logo. With the help of the sheet metal production team in Zimmern o.R., Felix Müller was now able to produce the test kit holders on the individual machines. After completion, the test kit holders were handed over to the school's principal, Ute Brenner.

Felix Müller had to perform several work steps to produce the test kit holders. For example, he had to create the CAD drawing with a graphical representation in order to laser cut the component. After being laser cut, the components were polished by hand on both sides.

The Hermle logo was then be applied by a laser and, after creating the edge bending programs, all the components were edged and spot welded. The test kit holder was finally ready for use.

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