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Development and construction of a mobile screen stand

The training department received an internal order to produce ten mobile screen stands.


The construction of the screen stand was an ideal task for our first and second year apprentices, who tackled the project with enthusiasm right away.

A screen stand that had already been set up served as a reference point. The brief not to exceed a maximum height of 106 mm for the base plate of the mobile screen stand was taken into account.

With the help of a 3D CAD program, the first drafts were quickly developed and drawn up. In order to implement these drafts in a chipless manufacturing process, we developed the program for the laser machine together with the sheet metal production team. All the drafts and important points to be considered were discussed.

To this end, the program for the laser punching machine was developed.

Once all the sheet metal plates had been laser cut, we started bending them. The second and third year apprentices working in chipless manufacturing at the time were asked to help with this task.

All the sheet metal plates were bent, edged or welded and thus ready for assembly of the prototype.

This was also set up immediately and found to be fit for purpose!

Now we were able to go into production and manufacture the ten screen stands requested.

Finally, powder coating in the corporate colours gave the stands a typical Hermle look and feel.

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