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Siren conversion on a mountain rescue vehicle

The special signalling system on the Rottweil mountain rescue vehicle was too quiet. The mountain rescue service provided the apprentices with a new control unit and an electronic special signalling system that needed to be installed.

At first, we took stock of the challenge and looked through and compared the circuit documents of the old and the new signalling system.

To protect the control unit from splash water in the engine compartment, we designed a suitable housing. The stainless steel housing was manufactured in the sheet metal production department in Zimmern. After disassembly, we were able to analyse the existing wiring and plan the next steps, for which we determined the existing plug assignment.

Now that we had this information we were able to plan the new circuit and order the required new parts.

Firstly, we removed the old special signalling system, which consisted of two signal horns. The required control unit was integrated in one of the signal horns.

After disassembly and inspection of the contact assignment, we documented the entire system. The cables were then wrapped in fabric tape and the new plug was fitted. We also wired the counterpart of the new control unit accordingly, ensuring the new signalling system has exactly the same functions as the previous one – with the difference that the new signalling system is now much louder, as desired.

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