Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AGMaschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG

My first day at Hermle

"Half past eight in the morning in Gosheim – my first day at work!

I'm standing in front of the entrance door, my head is full of questions and I'm really excited. I have to admit that I'm also a little bit nervous, but I already know the entrance area of the administration building from my interviews and, fortunately, I've already been able to meet my new colleagues. So I pull myself together, take a deep breath and don't let anybody know I'm nervous, or so I think," Janina recalls.

"If I'm honest, I was really excited and I'd had a thousand questions running through my mind in the days previous. What will the other colleagues be like? Was my first impression right? What lies ahead for me? And the worst question of all: What shall I wear? I'd obviously already solved this problem when I stood in front of the entrance door.

When I arrived at the HR department, my new colleagues gave me an incredibly warm welcome. The atmosphere was very relaxed and the colleagues were likeable right from the start. Even though I started my job in the middle of the busy billing season, there was an atmosphere that made you feel right at home."


How will I ever find my way around here?

"After an initial tour of the company, one question crossed my mind: How will I ever be able to find my way around here?

The company is very big and I think it takes time until you know which department is where.
But thanks to an overview plan, that was also manageable.

During the induction interview, I was able to gather a lot of information about the company, the workplace, some of the processes and also about various offers for the employees.
With so much information, it was really hard to remember it all, and yet I already felt in good hands. I was literally taken by the hand by my new colleagues."


I am ready for my first tasks

"Now I guess I'm ready for the first tasks. Don't forget, it's billing time. I try to assist with travel expenses. Here a question, there a question, and my head was already bursting with so many new impressions and situations. But the new colleagues are so helpful, I'm sure I'll overcome very different hurdles with them. No matter where I get stuck, one of them always has an open ear and can help me.

And so my first days take their course. I'm always being assigned new tasks and I already have a few things on my desk that I'm supposed to work on independently in the future. That motivates me, of course, and I've already got a good impression of where my journey 'at Hermle' is headed.

It was great that I was allowed to participate in a training course straight away. This was an excellent opportunity to get to know the colleagues outside the office. My initial questions about my first impression, about the colleagues and many more answered themselves. In the meantime I feel very comfortable and more than welcome. No, I think I already belong here."

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