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"As a working student, I was able to join our subsidiary Hermle USA for almost three months."

"When I received the offer just before Christmas, I didn't have to think twice about taking it. My answer was, of course: YES!

I realised my time in the USA would be exciting, but I didn't realise it would be that cool.
Let me briefly describe what I did at Hermle USA, but of course I didn't work all the time. I can also tell you a little bit about my other experiences.

When preparing for the project during my practical phase from January to March, the goal was to analyse and possibly improve the purchasing, logistics and warehouse processes at Hermle USA. So, my preparation phase was spent getting to grips with the processes and working out various points that I wanted to change specifically during my time in the USA.


I was integrated into the Hermle USA team right from the start. I felt well looked after, both in the office and outside working hours.
Working life in the USA is a bit different to what we are used to in Gosheim. The flexitime system appreciated in Gosheim does not exist.

The number of holidays is also significantly lower, so we didn't shut down for three weeks in the summer.
The Americans do love their air conditioning though. The office temperatures are also very different from those in Gosheim.
My Hermle sweatshirt was therefore my constant companion despite it being a hot summer.
All the 'hotter' were the regular BBQs during the lunch breaks! 


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