Machining Centre
C 42

5-axis benchmark
Mill/Turn Technology
Highest accuracy with closest tolerances
Individually automatable
5-axis technology

3 axes in the tool /
2 axes in the workpiece

Highest precision

due to thermo-symmetric design

Modified gantry design

In mineral casting technology

Introduction to milling / turning technology  

5-axis milling and turning, also simultaneously

Flexibility through customized automation

Pallet changer / handling systems / robot systems

From tiny to massive


The large working area in relation to the installation area is unparalleled. Whether 3- or 5-axis, the workpiece can be optimally processed, even with heavy and/or complex components. Problem-free crane loading of all components possible.

The original


The machine bed in modified gantry design has been realized in mineral casting technology. This combination offers optimum main axis support with excellent damping properties. For perfect results in high-precision machining using up to 5 axes.

Highest quality

Drive technology and tables

HERMLE’s swivelling rotary table concept has revolutionised 5-axis machining. Delivers maximum dynamics, whether single-sided or tandem drive, even with heavy components. The C-axis drive is available with worm drive or torque motor. All tables can also be configured for automation with pallet clamping systems.

From zero to one hundred  

Tool spindles

The C 42 can be equipped with two-piece or compact spindles. All tool spindles can be replaced quickly and easily during servicing. With the various speed ranges and tool interfaces, the tool spindles are suitable for a wide range of machining tasks.

Reliable Automation Processes

Bed flushing/production cabin

For reliable machining processes in automated systems. The production cabin with chip-waste-optimised stainless steel cladding and integrated bed flushing ensures ideal chip disposal.

Tool change in pick-up technology

Quick and reliable tool change from the pick-up magazine to the tool spindle.

Pick-up tool magazine

The C 42's tool magazine holds up to 42 tools in the standard version and is integrated into the machine bed to save space. The special magazine bearing ensures extremely smooth running for maximum precision, even when tools are loaded main-time parallel.

Additional magazines

Additional magazines for long running times and complex machining above all, particularly in automated systems. A wide variety of designs with up to 528 magazine pockets. The specially developed tool management software ensures use of an intelligent retooling strategy when loading the pick-up magazine.

Additional magazine ZM 50

The smallest additional magazine with up to 50 additional magazine pockets, perfectly enclosed in a ring magazine. Optimally adapted directly at the magazine loading station.

Additional magazine ZM 88 k

The additional magazine with up to 88 additional magazine pockets. Also integrated in a perfect safety enclosure with two ring magazines arranged one above the other.

Additional magazine single

Up to 216 magazine pockets available in the second largest additional magazine. The integrated feed system changes the tools, main-time parallel, from the additional magazine to the machine tool magazine.

Additional magazine double

Turn single into double to increase the number of tools up to 528.


Options to fulfil almost every wish

Whether emulsion mist extraction system, chip drawer, chip conveyor, ICS or temperature controller: We offer a wide range of options for your personal equipment variation, tailored to meet your special machining requirements.


Unrestricted crane loading

Whether the machining centre is designed with 3 or 5 axes, all blanks can be safely and conveniently transported to the work table by crane.

Conveniently accessible


Built for daily use: The HERMLE C 42 can be ergonomically adapted for every machine operator for optimum ease of use, simple operation and uncomplicated maintenance. Also ideal is the free, direct access to the work area.

Pure efficiency

Automation solutions

Machine productivity is maximised through the use of automation. Since we ourselves have developed from a machine supplier to a solution provider, we unterstand holistic thinking and can offer everything from a single source. In keeping with this philosophy, we are continuing what began with economical pallet changing and intelligent handling systems with highly advanced robot solutions. Therefore, we have long been capable of converting machines into flexible manufacturing cells.

Traverse path
800 x 800 x 550 mm
Ø  800 / H 560 mm
Collision circle
Ø 990 mm
Vertical table clearance
max. 700 mm
Spindle speed
15000/18000/25000/42000 rpm
Rapid traverse linear X-Y-Z
up to 60 m/min
Swivelling rotary tables
Ø 440 / Ø 800 x 630 mm / Ø 700 mm
Table loading 3-axis 
up to 2000 kg
Table loading 5-axis 
up to max. 1400 kg

Brochure, Product Overview

Brochure, Automation

HERMLE C 42 U MT Engine Case

HERMLE C 42 U MT (Mill/Turn) Part 2 - engine Case part 2

HERMLE C 42 U Formeinsatz / mould insert

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C 42 U | HS flex | Schulz | Precision for the semiconductor industry

C 42 U RS 2 L | Hoffmann | Tool and mould making

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