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Conferring honours on 48 employees at Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG and their subsidiary companies.


On Friday 21 October 2016 Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG honoured 44 employees celebrating their jubilee of 40, 25 and 10 years of service; the Hermle subsidiary company Hermle-Leibinger Systemtechnik GmbH honoured four employees celebrating their jubilee of 25 and 10 years of service.

On this festive occasion the employees celebrating their jubilee gathered in the foyer of Hermle AG. Gabriele Peyerl, General Manager of Human Resources, acknowledged in her speech the individual contributions of these employees as well as their team contributions to the company. Many employees are proud to work at Hermle AG. This was apparent also by the large number of employees celebrating their jubilee and that also this year another employee with 40 years service could be honoured. Chairman Alfons Betting honoured the employees celebrating their jubilee and the remaining board members presented each of them with a small wheeled suitcase.

The Vice Chairman Gerd Grewin paid tribute to the many employees celebrating their jubilee and emphasised that once again there are many former apprentices among them. It is also important that the older employees pass on their experiences to the younger ones. He wished them all, also on behalf of the Works Council, the best for the future.

The four employees of Hermle-Leibinger Systemtechnik GmbH were honoured by their manager Mr Rainer Kohler.

On behalf of the state of Baden Württemberg, Mayor Haller honoured Mr Günter Weger for 40 years service and for his contributions to Hermle AG.

25 years - Martina Bauser, Timo Bradler, Uli Bronner, Waldemar Brumhardt, Christian Bur am Orde, Sigrid Burger, Klaus Dressler, Viktor Fester, Manfred Graiss, Markus Hauser, Werner Heinemann, Udo Hipp, Gabriele Kotte, Jürgen Mayer, Klaus Merkt, Andre Ruhnau, Edwin Schnee, Volker Schutzbach, Tobias Schwörer, Regina Stallmann, Tobias Steimer, Alexander Zisterer

The employees of 2016 celebrating their jubilee with Mayor Haller, the Vice Chairman of the Works Council Gerd Grewin, the managers of HLS and the entire management of Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG.

10 years - Marina Aicher, Tobias Bayer, Sandro Caruso, Franco Cimino, Ralf Harich, Steffen Henle, Natascha Kaiser, Benjamin Kemmler, Philipp Klemm, Raphael Lang, Madlen Luczak, Dominik Lukanowski, Marc Marquart, Anton Müller, Kemal Özdemir, Martin Schäfle, Günter Scheuermann, Lutz Schimmelschmidt, Robin Schutzbach, Andreas Schweigert, Julien Simon, Daniel Weckenmann, Markus Weger, Jens Winter, Martin Winz

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