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Hermle Set To Unveil Newest Automation and Industry 4.0 Technology


Hermle Set To Unveil Newest Automation and Industry 4.0 Technology
Three New Machining Centers set to Make North American Debut at IMTS 2018

Milwaukee (June 19, 2018) - To celebrate 20 years of continuous innovation with their North American operation, Hermle Machine Company have many firsts planned for this years International Manufacturing and Technology Show (IMTS). The German-based machine tool manufacturer will exhibit three new five-axis machining solutions that have never been showcased in North America.

“IMTS is a highly anticipated show for us because it’s the premier stage to showcase the capabilities and advancements of our machines to manufacturing professionals from all over the world,” said Manuel Merkt, President and Chief Operations Officer of Hermle North America. “While much has changed in the manufacturing industry since the 2016 show, Hermle has stayed laser-focused on advancing the industry through developing and delivering the best in five-axis machining technology and beyond.”

Smart manufacturing, flexible automation and Industry 4.0 will be a point of emphasis at this year’s show. Hermle is at the forefront of this industry shift, and a leader in helping clients achieve optimum results with the newest technology. A planned demonstration via a partnership with Haimer Corporation will showcase advanced machine connectivity and data transfer capabilities.

“We pride ourselves on providing solutions to our customers machining demands. In today’s market if you aren’t taking steps toward smart manufacturing you really aren’t providing the best possible machining solutions,” said Gunther Schnitzer, President and Chief Technology Officer. “We have transitioned from being a machine manufacturer to a process provider because we believe that achieving the highest level of automated efficiency absolutely includes integration of the entire work environment and periphery.”

Machining Centers and automation technologies to be displayed at the Hermle booth (#338136) will include:

C 650 - Hermle’s newest machine model, the C 650 is the largest machine on the PERFORMANCE-LINE and compliments the C 250 and C 400. C 650 uses a modification of Hermle's tried-and-tested gantry-type design, with a mineral-cast machine bed that is manufactured in Hermle’s own brand new mineral casting foundry in Germany. The swiveling rotary table can accommodate workpieces up to 1500 kg, allowing for highly precise machining. The C 650 has an integrated tool magazine for 42 tools with two additional magazines with 50 or 88 extra magazine pockets available as options.

C 42 with HS flex - The HS flex handling system is a powerful and compact automation tool designed to fit both three-axis and five-axis PERFORMANCE-LINE machining centers (C 250, C 400) as well as HIGH-PERFORMANCE-LINE models (ranging from the C 12, C 22, C 32 up to the C 42). The flat mineral casting bed, on which the three axes of the handling unit are operated, offer ergonomically convenient access for the operator. The two double-leaf doors, which have proven benefits in Hermle’s robot systems, provide a twofold function: during a pallet change procedure, they prevent access by the operator, and during machining of the workpiece, they provide access to the working view position and working area while preventing access to the handling unit. Another key function of HS flex is the storage module. One module is installed as standard, and the adaptation of a second module is optional. The modules are structured as a rack, offering maximum customization in the pallet/workpiece arrangement. Up to five rack shelves can be ordered with a total of up to 25 pallet storage spaces per module, providing up to 50 pallet storage spaces when two modules are installed.

C 42 U MT - This machining center will be on display at the Emuge Corporation booth #431536, and feature a partnership with Hermle. Emuge produces standard taps, thread mills, drills, end mills, tool holders and work piece clamping devices, many of which are compatible with Hermle machines. On this machine Hermle will demonstrate the revolutionary Punch Tap technology that will change thread cutting forever. Additionally, there will be live cutting of segments of a titanium blisk throughout the show.


C 22 with RS 05 Robot System -  Short process cycles, quick workflows and the highest possible machine dynamics, the flexible C 22 machining center is ideal for machining high-value parts with excellent accuracy and small tolerances. At the booth, the C 22 will be combined with an RS 05 robot system to show the endless applications for a wide variety of machining tasks. The storage systems for the RS 05 are completely adjustable. The HACS (Hermle-Automation-Control-System) and the HIMS (Hermle-Information-Management Monitoring-System) will be used for easier operation.


*High-Resolution photos of all Hermle machining centers that will be displayed at IMTS 2018 are available upon request.


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