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Application examples for MPA technology

The new MPA technology paves the way for an entirely new approach to economical manufacturing
of large components using powered metal. The following passages contain some interesting examples
of applications that can be realised with the aid of the MPA technique.

Maybe your application will benefit soon, too?

These three tool inserts each contain a cooling channel following the surface contours.For their production, we used massive blanks in which the cooling channels were milled in. In comparison to layer-by-layer buildup of the whole parts, using blanks is way more time- and cost-efficient.
The additive manufacturing part is reduced to two steps: Filing the channels with a water-soluble material and subsequent application of the respective covering layer of steel (blue marks in the picture).

For the material layer application we use the five axes simultaneous dynamics of the machine to achieve a homogeneous growth on the curved surfaces of the parts. For the two parts shown on the right, layer buildup was carried out radially while the respective blank was rotating on the machine's C-axis.

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