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Application examples for MPA technology

The new MPA technology paves the way for an entirely new approach to economical manufacturing
of large components using powered metal. The following passages contain some interesting examples
of applications that can be realised with the aid of the MPA technique.

Maybe your application will benefit soon, too?

One application focus of the HERMLE MPA technology is in the field of tool and mould making. Here, additive manufacturing allows for countinuous and uniform cooling of surfaces which can hardly be achieved with conventional production techniques, if it is not impossible. Experience with customer parts has shown a large potential to reduce injection moulding cycle times with additively created parts with conformal cooling. In comparison with tools with tools without effective cooling, time savings of more than 45% could be achieved. With very low porosity in the sprayed material, even surfaces with glossy finish can be offered for some materials, e.g. 1.2344 hot work tools steel.

The picture series shows the main steps in the production of the above shown injection mould. Starting with a blank with predefine cooling channel, the channel volume is filled with a water-soluble material using MPA material application. In a milling step, surplus filling material is removed and the surface contour for the covering steel layer gets defined. Afterwards layers of steel are sprayed on the surface to close the channel. Now the filling material can be removed from the cooling channel and the whole part undergoes a heat treatment, before it gets its finishing.

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