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This is how the unique MPA technology functions

HERMLE’s additive manufacturing technology: as fascinating as it is ingenious.
Get detailed information about the way it works and the range of new possibilities that it opens up.

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The MPA material application unit is integrated into a HERMLE 5-axis machining center of type C-40. The combination of MPA material application and milling in just one machine results in a hybrid additive manufacturing process. The machine's workspace allows for part dimensions exceeding 500mm in diameter.

Layer-based alternating material growth

MPA technology is generally designed to grow material on geometrically accessible planes of a component. If additional materials are to be integrated or embedded, the materials are applied in layers as far as the relevant contours of the other material components are accessible for machining. The contour accuracy of the components depends on the milling method and can be adapted to individual requirements. Now we start the application of the respective other material onto the prepared component contours and subsequently mill it into shape. With this alternating scheme, massive components made of two or more materials can be created.

Filling material for channels and cavities

A special filling material allows for the creation of inner hollow areas, channels and undercut contours. This material is water soluble and flushed out at the end of the manufacturing process to expose the inner geometry. Subsequent heat treatment optimizes the component's microstructure and ensures the component has the desired hardness.

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