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This is how the unique MPA technology functions

HERMLE’s additive manufacturing technology: as fascinating as it is ingenious.
Get detailed information about the way it works and the range of new possibilities that it opens up.

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Base material: metal powders

Metal powders are the base material for additive manufacturing with HERMLE MPA technology. The physical properties of the applied metal layers and the transitions between materials must meet the high mechanical and thermal requirements defined by the operational environment of the manufactured component. Precise adjustment of the process parameters is therefore essential for each metal powder used. The properties of the resulting material microstructure are determined in extensive test series. In addition to tension and compression tests, information about particle and layer adhesion, porosity and material inclusions is derived from the examination of grindings in an optical microscope.

Currently available materials for MPA technology:

  • hot-working steels  1.2343,  1.2344,  1.2083,  1.2367
  • cold-working steel  1.2333,  1.2379
  • stainless steels  1.4404,  1.4313
  • invar  1.3912
  • pure iron, pure copper, bronze…
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