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This is how the unique MPA technology functions

Hermle’s additive manufacturing technology: as fascinating as it is ingenious.
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Additive manufacturing using MPA technology

For more than 10 years now we investigate in the development of new additive manufacturing techniques and processes. The MPA technology developed by Hermle Maschinenbau GmbH is a versatile tool for generative creation of large-volume components offering a widespread field of applications. It is especially in the field of injection moulding and die casting tools where the MPA technology can play to its strength. One of its prominent features is the possibility to complement precast blanks with additively applied components. The results are hybrid-manufactured components entering new dimensions in additive manufacturing with weights up to several hundred kilos and dimensions larger than 500mm in diameter.

MPA = Metal-Powder-Application

Hermle MPA technology stands for a thermal spray process where metal powder particles are compacted layer by layer to massive solids. To do so, the powder particles are accelerated to very high speed by means of a carrier gas and then deposited on the substrate via a laval nozzle. Material build-up rates exceeding 200 cm³ per hour and a powder jet diameter of several millimeters predestine our MPA technology for additive application of comparatively large volumes on rather large component surfaces.

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