Training in technological skills is fun and brings many benefits.

Why shouldn’t that be attractive for young women, too?

It’s always been ‘normal’ for boys to be interested in technical stuff and start training to become electronics or mechatronics, technicians, industrial mechanics or IT specialists – and earn good wages at the same time. Most girls still give these openings a wide berth. They think ...

  • technical jobs involve a lot of physical effort,
  • getting dirty and covered in grease,
  • and that’s nothing for girls.

Well – that’s really not true!
These days, technical jobs have to do with a lot more than just muscle power. Talent, precision and brain power are much more important!

HERMLE’s ‘EMMA’ programme is designed to encourage all young women who are interested in technical things to go for the great opportunities and perspectives in this field!

Our ‘EMMA’ programme is an acronym for

These are all important features of our technical training. Each technical profession involves differing areas of emphasis, so you can pursue specialization paths that suit you.
Qualified employees in technical professions are in high demand, and that means correspondingly high earnings. So when you’ve completed your training, your options are limitless!

Who can take advantage of our EMMA programme?

From 2021 onwards, all young women who start training in a technical field at HERMLE automatically join the programme. You should be aged between 15 and 20 when you start your training.



What does our EMMA programme involve?

Participants are given personal and professional support throughout the entire training period.
Depending on the final results of the training, extra achievement promotion may be available.


We’re with you!

You will have a personal ‘godmother’ at your side throughout your training.

That is a person who is already part of HERMLE’s technical workforce; she will have first-hand experience of all aspects of your work and can give you the support and advice you need.




  • Mädchen-Förderprogramm bei der HERMLE AG_3
  • Mädchen-Förderprogramm bei der HERMLE AG

Tailored to your needs!

Your work clothing has been specially designed for women; you’ll feel fine wearing it!




Because I’m a girl!

To make sure you feel OK in a world that is still majority male, we provide special seminars and workshops.

We help you to stand up for yourself as a self-assured woman!




  • Mädchen-Förderprogramm bei der HERMLE AG
  • Mädchen-Förderprogramm bei der HERMLE AG

You’re not alone!

We promise that while you are in your training year you will never be the only woman in our training team.

Because we know that the secret lies in the right mixture!




Technology from girls for girls!

Together with our female trainers you will develop exciting technical projects that will be the envy of other girls!

Have you ever wished you could make a nail varnishing machine ...?




  • Mädchen-Förderprogramm bei der HERMLE AG
  • Mädchen-Förderprogramm bei der HERMLE AG

Technology that makes sense!

Along with the other trainees, you will develop technological projects with a social and/or ecological focus.

This enables you to devote your creativity and technical know-how towards finding solutions for all kinds of different problems. And doing something that benefits others gives you a great feeling!




Success has its reward!

If you impress us with excellent results in your training course, you will find that pays handsome dividends. 

All espacially successful trainees have an opportunity to take part in an achievement promotion programme --> more informationen?

Just click on!




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