Wisconsin ultra-high-precision shop only reinvests in the best machinery.

Owen Industries

In today’s world of manufacturing, establishing a niche and maximizing processes are invaluable advantages. Having the right equipment to do so, that’s a challenge Owen’s Industries tackled head on – most recently purchasing two additional HERMLE Performance Line C 400 milling machines.

The HERMLE machines created new possibilities and advantages

Eifel Mold and Engineering
Plastic Engineering

HERMLE Machines and Services Pull Michigan Mold Builder into Future of Manufacturing.

Firma Ramgraber Zlatko Velagic, CNC-Fräser, Holger Koch, Geschäftsführer und Inhaber

5-axis technology for etching, washing, drying

Supplier industry

According to World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS), the European market was projected to experience growth of 6.3% in 2023. This fact also has a direct impact on suppliers like Ramgraber: Microchip manufacturers utilise its equipment to etch, structure, strip, plate, wash and dry their wafers – often based on silicon, silicon carbide, gallium arsenide, glass or ceramics. The company places a significant emphasis on vertical integration, a principle to which the HERMLE C 400 U also contributes.

Von links: Thomas März, Inhaber und Geschäftsführer der Precupa GmbH, Andreas Wimmer, Feinwerkmechanikermeister, mit Stefan Bux, HERMLE Vertrieb Außendienst

Success through machine clones

Tool technology

Precupa combines high-precision tool making with plastic injection moulding and develops injection moulding solutions for the world of tomorrow at its technical centre. One of the core competences in production is milling. This is where the precision tool maker relies on HERMLE, making full use of its entire Performance Line.

Stammwerk hg medical in Raisting

Saving time and healing bones

hg medical
Contract manufacturing

Medical engineers take things very seriously. To ensure the timely delivery and top quality of orthopaedic implants, hg medical relies on nearly two dozen HERMLE 5-axis machining centres. The contract manufacturer recently ventured into the world of robot automation for the first time and stands to gain from numerous benefits.

Alhorn Standort in Lübbecke

Copper cools constantly

Tool technology
Alhorn views the MPA technology from the HERMLE subsidiary HMG as advantageous in every respect, offering shorter cycles and more stable processes and, in some cases, even serving as the enabler. The precision tool maker always turns to generative services when traditional cooling technologies become inadequate.

Maschinenbediener Fadri Pitsch arbeitet an der C 12 U

Automation guarantees breathing space

Pharmaceuticals industry

Two C 12 U machining centres with robot automation have been in operation at Hamilton since June 2021. Team Leader Luca Morell is delighted – with the high level of integration of the Hermle solution and with a partner who understands the technical challenges and keeps its promises. 

Melanie und Marc Wiegelmann

Ensuring efficiency and high-end quality

Plastic engineering
Injection molding

Wiegelmann is an expert in aluminium and steel mould making and plastic injection moulding. The mould maker is a stickler for deadlines and perfection, even when the parts have complex geometries. When it comes to machining, Wiegelmann relies on Hermle. HS flex automation arrived at the German company in the shape of the new C 42 U, making sure its range of machinery is even more flexible and versatile.

Der HERMLE Roboter bedient beide HERMLE-Bearbeitungszentren mit Bauteilen rund um die Uhr. Drei Regalspeichermodule mit Matrizen- und Palettenplätzen sowie Spannmittel- und Greiferplätzen sorgen für eine optimale Teilebereitstellung.

Flexibility thanks to robot automation

Medical technology

SWACRIT systems GmbH specialises in the production of top-quality composite parts, mechatronic assemblies and high-precision mechanical components. To enhance productivity and efficiency, the high-tech company based in Tyrol, Austria, has invested in HERMLE's RS 1 robot automation solution, which enables the flexible and continuous manufacture of individual parts and components on pallets.

S&S Werkzeugbau - MPA

Cooler thanks to copper in the core

S&S Werkzeugbau GmbH
Tool and mold making

S&S Werkzeugbau manufactures complete injection moulds entirely in-house – from design through to the initial moulding. However, the mould makers make an exception in the case of a reliable cooling solution for narrow cross-sections: Hermle Maschinenbau uses metal-powder application technology (MPA) to integrate copper into mould cores, thereby optimising heat outflow in the injection moulding process.

Fertigung Huarui Precision

The perfect 13 – in China | Tool technology

Huarui Precision Cutting Tools
Tool technology

Huarui Precision Cutting Tools' mission is to be one of the best suppliers of cutting tools in China. It has therefore been looking for the best machines for production – and has finally invested in thirteen 5-axis machining centres from Hermle in 2022. Hermle China not only convinced with the hardware.

Von links: Manfred Pantel von der HPV Hermle Vertriebs GmbH mit Dr. Alexander Artmann, geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der microart GmbH & Co. KG. Neben ihnen: Leitung Fräsen Hans Multerer, microart-Geschäftsführer Michael Kerscher sowie die Zerspanungstechniker Mario Schweiger, Simon Schafberger, Julian Piendl.

Digitalisation: the foundation for automation

Contract manufacturing

High variance and different batch sizes can cause many a contract manufacturer to panic – but not microart. The manufacturer of complex precision parts creates digital structures, which it combines with automated 5-axis machining centres from Hermle. The result: efficient milling with flexible capacity.

Open Mind von Thunderbike

Milling and turning for the perfect ride

Vehicle construction

Most people who catch a glimpse of a real Thunderbike are usually lost for words. The Harley-Davidson dealer and custombike manufacturer reveals how it manufactures bespoke clutch covers and rims and what role Hermle’s mill-turn technology plays in all of this.

Johannes Fischer, CAM-Programmierer Bernd Habla, Auftragsabwicklung, Andreas Rauchenberger.

Complex geometries in graphite

Graphite processing

When performing the challenging task of machining the porous material, the specialist relies on Hermle: two automated 5-axis milling centres are used exclusively to machine the black blocks while a C 32 U including a robot is responsible for metal machining.

Mitarbeiter der SK TECHNOLOGY

Accurate to the nearest hair is not precise enough

SK Technology

SK TECHNOLOGY is formidable when it comes to precision. That’s the result of an awareness that minute subtleties are the difference between acceptance and rejection – and a stock of machinery that can withstand critical inspection down to the micrometre range. This is where Hermle succeeds. Six automated 5-axis machining centres allow the cutting expert to be really picky.

NMH-Geschäftsführer Christian Bulander (Mitte) mit den Zerspanungstechnikern Matthias Eisele (links) und Elmar Käppeler.

Duplicate machines at NMH

Contract manufacturing

Price, quality and delivery dates are what really interest his customers, explains NMH Managing Director Christian Bulander. More recently, one robot and two virtually identical Hermle 5-axis machining centres have been helping the specialist engineering company and contract manufacturer to meet these challenging demands efficiently.

Andreas Glumpler, HPV Hermle Vertriebs GmbH, Matthias Jung, Geschäftsführer der Jung Werkzeugbau GmbH, und Thomas Faisz, verantwortlich für die mechanische Fertigung.

Know-how in both directions

Tool and mold making

Jung Werkzeugbau GmbH is expanding its mechanical production capacity: an automated C 42 U from Hermle is set to expand the company’s three-shift operation to include unmanned night-time and weekend shifts. Those responsible for paving the way are overcoming the last optimization hurdles and installing additional safety features.

Konstrukteur Andreas Kitz an der C 250 U von Hermle

Dynamic for series production

HIN Feinmechanik

From draft to design through to production: HIN Feinmechanik has successfully established itself as a specialist in complicated components and complex devices. The "Made in Germany" quality seal is important to the owner – including in his stock of machinery: all six milling centres are supplied by Hermle in Gosheim.

Der Rüstplatz und das Bedienpult mit dem Soflex-System

The Troubleshooters

BWB-Betschart AG
Furniture manufacturing

BWB-Betschart is a specialist in surface coating. The Swiss company entered the machining business in response to demand for aluminium components for furniture construction. Today, the furniture industry hardly plays a role – instead BWB often acts as emergency support for its surface-coating customers. A new 5-axis machining centre from Hermle, automated with an RS 2 robot system, ensures adequate flexibility and capacity.

Prokutec-Geschäftsführer Michael Beyer

Twins for greater planning freedom

Metal products

These days, Prokutec is a successful metalworking specialist that provides a full range of services for all types of machining. "Our flexibility is our advantage", emphasises Managing Director Michael Beyer. A reliable stock of machinery with automation gives him the necessary capacity. This also includes two identical type C 22 U 5-axis machining centres as well as a C 12 U machine from Hermle.

Artur Scheiermann an der C 52 U

Open and honest, but without the show

Contract manufacturing

Zerspanungstechnik Mangner chooses quality over loud marketing. The company owner now provides us with a rare glimpse inside the production facility. Nine 5-axis machining centres from Gosheim make up the bulk of the machinery. With them on its side, Mangner is sure it can live up to its delivery promises.

Von links: Frederik Deneire, Betriebsleiter bei Cafmeyer NV, Jan Van Houtte, Geschäftsführer der Cafmeyer NV, John Verlinden, Hermle Nederland B.V

Update only with automation

Tool & mold making

Cafmeyer manufactures press moulds. The more complex the part, the more parts needed for the mould. In the past, the Belgian mould maker was sometimes pushed to the limits of its capabilities – both in terms of dimension and capacity. The company therefore decided to invest in a Hermle C 650 U 5-axis machining centre with HS flex heavy automation. 

Von links: Victor D'Haese und Johan Hoeckman, Maschinenbediener, neben Bravotech-Eigentümer Bram Vergote sowie die Maschinenbediener Tom Lasseel und Steven Van Der Meirsch neben dem Außendienstmitarbeiter John Verlinden von der Hermle Nederland B.V.

When taking a risk achieves positive outcomes

Contract manufacturing

Bravotech is now a successful contractor based in the Belgian town of Oudenaarde. The company mills, deburrs and polishes moulds for hard-top cases, blades and turbine wheels for compressors and pumps, as well as engine components such as camshafts and crankshafts.

Der Maschienenbediener an der C 400 U von Hermle

Flexibility for plastics machining

faigle Industrieplast GmbH
Plastics engineering

"We have found Hermle to be very focused and innovative. We also appreciate the physical proximity and are looking forward to the next project," adds Peter Ritter.

Mitarbeiter bedient die Software von SOFLEX

For the perfect first impression

Vermeulen Metaal B.V.
Contract manufacturing

"If we hadn't started with the ideal solution, we would've been putting our good reputation at risk," explains Peter Vermeulen, managing director of Vermeulen Metaal B.V..

 Theo Zegers (links), Geschäftsführer der SAM Precision B.V., und Myrle Zegers (rechts), HR & Organization Manager bei SAM Precision, mit der Maschinen-Crew

The C 32 U was our good luck

SAM Precision B.V.
Contract manufacturing

Managing Director Theo Zegers describes the fact that SAM Precision ordered a new 5-axis machining centre from Hermle at the beginning of 2021 as a stroke of luck. Because the demand for precision machining rose unpredictably shortly afterwards. By letting the new C 32 U with RS 1 robot system work autonomously overnight and at weekends, he can respond more flexibly and quickly to customer wishes.

Von links: Nuno Santos, Managing Director bei der RON AG, mit der Werkzeugbau-Crew Carlos Dias, Petra Wyss, Vignehwaran Kandiah, Nassif Bilal und Stefan Borner, Manager Tooling Production bei der RON AG

Ready for 24 inches

Automotive industry

The RONAL GROUP invested in six Hermle 3-axis machining centres which mill complex casting moulds for light alloy wheels around the clock. The quality of the surfaces is so excellent.

Die C 650 U von Hermle mit der HS flex heavy-Automation

It's mechanical sport

Blomix Blasformen
Tool & mold making

We don't want to be the biggest, but we want to remain the best," Beenders explains. "We achieve this goal through our adherence to deadlines and high-quality standards. And we can only do this with partners like Hermle, which keeps its promises in terms of precision, reliability and service." 

Christian Aigner, Prokurist und technischer Leiter bei Lugauer

Flexible and unmanned production

Lugauer GmbH
Machining technology

According to Christian Aigner, authorised signatory and technical manager at Lugauer, the extensive flexibility of the overall system is just amazing: "In the first shift, we produce individual parts on the first machine followed by unmanned pallet or handling parts production. A component for the automotive industry is currently manufactured 24/7 on the second machine. On this machine, we now produce the same number of parts in one week with two people as we did before with two machines and four people. It's beyond our wildest hopes," Aigner says proudly.

Mitarbeiter Andreas Wegner am 5-Achs-Bearbeitungszentrum vom Hermle

Expanding capacity before reaching capacity

Kretzschmar & Siber
Fertigungstechnik GmbH
Contract manufacturing

"Hermle makes no distinction between large and small customers. As a rule, the service technicians are on site within 24 hours and always have a solution ready," praises Silber. The issue of competence is particularly important to him. If it is missing, there are consequences, as he sees in other companies: "Without the appropriate know-how, the best machine is of no use. 

Von links: Tobias Slezinski, Abteilungsleiter Zerspanung und Roland Hermle, Geschäftsführer der EROFORM GmbH

A fortunate coincidence

Tool & mould making

With the acquisition of EROFORM, the supplier CVT-Capellmann received the necessary know-how to be able to manufacture its injection molds in-house. Quality and service from Maschinenfabrik Hermle make the existing 5-axis machining centers a secure second mainstay: contract manufacturing.

Ein RS3-Roboter von Hermle wie er die 5-Achs-Bearbeitungszentren bestückt

Open to new ideas

Hohner Maschinenbau GmbH
Contract manufacturing

"We have known Hermle for decades and have been working together for a very long time. We had confidence in them right from the start. The service and technology have once again impressed us," praises the Managing Director.

Tim Leidenberger optimiert die Bauteile am Computer

Into orbit, no return

Isar Aerospace GmbH
Isar Aerospace

Isar Aerospace is developing rockets that are to put satellites into orbit at low cost. Prototypes for the propulsion system as well as sub-components are being manufactured on a HERMLE C 42 U 5-axis machining centre. For the Munich start-up, this is the ideal all-rounder for the initial phase of production.

Christian Simon, Gebietsverkaufsleiter der Hermle (Schweiz) AG, Midhat Dedovic, Werkmeister bei der Humbel Zahnräder AG, und Vorstandsvorsitzender Urs Humbel

Getting the ratio right

Humbel Zahräder AG
Gear manufacturing

For the last five years, Humbel's reliance on the 5-axis concept and automation solution from Gosheim has enabled it to expand its capacities significantly and secure new orders.

Bernd Iwanow mit einem Fahrrad, welches auf der C 400 U von Hermle gefräst wurde

From the gut

CNC Future Technics GmbH

Bernd Iwanow follows his gut feeling. When he is sure of his idea, he programs it into NC code which his two Hermle machining centres precisely mill into the clamped aluminium blocks. The result: A bicycle called Fracebike, the sight of which is as unusual as the fact that Iwanow does not ride a bicycle himself.

Bauteil welches von toolcraft mit einer Maschine von Hermle gefertigt wurde

In future: even more complex

Toolcraft AG

Anyone who dares to combine additive manufacturing with precise machining clearly loves complexity. toolcraft uses both technologies and has been able to astonish its customers with hitherto unknown quality levels. Hermle's thought-through machine design plays an important role here.

Patrick Schulz, Alfred Schulz und Michael Schulz mit Harald Jaeger von der HPV Hermle Vertriebs GmbH

The perfectionists

Schulz GmbH + Co
Contract manufacturing

Increased capacity despite a shortage of skilled workers - Schulz decided to invest in a C 42 U with HS flex automation in order to be able to cope with the additional orders despite a shortage of skilled workers. The compact handling system from Hermle is flexible and user-friendly.

Heron CNC Technik Gebäude mit einigen Hermle-Maschinen

Automation developed further

CNC Technik GmbH

Heron CNC Technik GmbH manufactures prototypes and series parts, mainly from aluminium. In order to enable unattended production despite the short run times involved, this Austrian company has combined an automated Hermle plant – two 5-axis milling centres and the RS 2 robot system.

Präzisionsteile welche von SEPO in Serie gefertigt wurden

Using available potential

Medical technology

"Even though the investment was high, it paid off rapidly, and the plant is worth it," says Oberdanner. "With the Hermle machine we were able to secure more orders. We profit considerably from the productivity, the tolerance fidelity and the quality," adds the CEO. The same applies to the service. "The Hermle technicians are always available and they produce solutions and replacement parts in no time." Especially for a small family-owned company, this is an absolute must. "If the machine is standing still, we are losing orders."

Die C 400 U von Hermle im Gebäude von Der Span

Workhorse for hygienic cutting

Der Span
Contract manufacturing

No corners or hidden edges – those are just two of many requirements for components that are used in food processing machines. Der Span is a company that manufactures these components using Hermle machining centres. Thanks to HS flex automation, some of these machines are in use around the clock, creating perfect surfaces even overnight.

Mitarbeiterin Luana Schmid an der C 400 von Hermle

Life-Changing Career Opportunity

Schaal CNC Fertigung
Contract manufacturing

As a company, Hermle is always focused on building lasting relationships with customers and providing solutions to their toughest manufacturing challenges. In this case, the challenge for one Canadian manufacturer was finding the highly-skilled machine operators needed to operate their machining equipment. 

Jørgen Jessen, Verkaufsleiter von Hermle Nordic und Henrik B. Jensen, Technischer Direktor von VMV, vor der neu installierten C 32 U von Hermle

5-axis-concept to increase manufacturing capacity

VMV Teknik ApS
Tool & mold making

The Danish machine and toolmaking company VMV Teknik decided to invest in a new 5-axis machining centre from Hermle to extend its manufacturing capacity. Since last year, the C 32 U is completing even complex jobs in a reliable and precise way.

Teil welches von EUROIMMUN auf einer Hermle-Maschine gefertigt wurde

Precision for the view on the antibodies

Medical technology

The components are made on 5-axis machining centres from Hermle. In addition to the high precision and reliability of the machines EUROIMMUN is also convinced by the HS flex automation solution: It offers maximum flexibility for the machining operators with regard to the parts range and production scheduling and at the same time minimises non-productive times.

Die Anlage bei Hofmann, bestehend aus vier C 42 U, Robotersystem, Reinigungseinheit und Messraum

"Automation right from the quantity of 1 – this is the premium class."

Werkzeugbau Siegfried Hofmann GmbH
Tool & mold making

Shaping milling is one of the last and most demanding process steps in the production of injection-moulded tools.

Inspektionsmolch der ROSEN Gruppe

A pig for each pipeline

ROSEN Gruppe
Oil industry

ROSEN Group protect people and the environment with advanced technologies by detecting variations on and in pipelines at an early stage. The technology company develops and builds in house the inspection devices for this purpose and even ensures utilisation by teams all over the world. 

Mitarbeiter beim steuern der Roboterzelle über den Leitrechner



Hermle provided support in the automation of parts manufacturing and demonstrated that different tolerances and difficult surfaces must not necessarily be a criterion for exclusion for unmanned machining. 

Rik Denoo und seine Tochter Ann-Sofie Denoo

Automation resolves bottlenecks

Denoo Matrijzen
Tool and mold making

Belgian mould maker Denoo Matrijzen is a progressive company. While it invested early on in CNC-controlled 5-axis machining, company owner Rik Denoo and his daughter Ann-Sofie have just now made the entry into automation.

Jason Heerema, verantwortlich für Marketing und Spezialprojekte (links), und Joanna Heerema, Firmeninhaberin und Geschäftsführerin von Arbor Gage & Tooling

Cutting time sliced in half, sale doubled

Arbor Gage & Tooling
Fixture construction

Zeit ist Geld. Und nicht jede Investition spart wirklich Zeit. Diese Erfahrung musste Joanna Heerema, Geschäftsführerin der Arbor Gage & Tooling, machen. Qualität, Präzision und schnelle Prozesse waren das Ziel, das sie über einen Umweg erst mit Hermle erreichte: Mit den 5-Achs-Fräszentren C 400 und C 650 erfüllt sie die hohen Ansprüche des Vorrichtungsbaus bei deutlich kürzeren Bearbeitungszeiten. 

Blick auf die zwei Speichermodule des HS flex-Systems von Hermle

The key is spindle running times

HZT Honermeier Zerspanungstechnik
Mechanical engineering

Honermeier manufactures moulded dies, components, gages and prototype for machine manufacturers. That means that no order is like any other. For flexible and efficient machining, Honermeier invested in a 5-axis machining centre with adapted automation from Hermle.t.

Benjamin Finck, Produktmanager, Swen Emde, Geschäftsleiter, und Werkzeugtechniker Benjamin Paulus von der Recyclinghof-Diemelsee Emde oHG

Right from the beginning

Recyclinghof-Diemelsee Emde oHG
Tool and mold making

Swen Emde shows how a lack of career prospects and confidence in the next generation can lead to a successful mold and tool making company. He is the Managing Director of Recyclinghof-Diemelsee Emde oHG.

Komplexe Produkte welche bei Andreas Bruns mit einer Hermle-Maschine gefertigt wurden

Capacity to create something new

Andreas Bruns
Automotive industry

Andreas Bruns has no trouble finding selling points for a Hermle machining centre: "The systems impress us with their high reliability and precision." He knows what he is talking about, as he has already added two 5-axis machines of the High-Performance line to his machine park since 2014 – one of them with additional turning function.

Verschiedene Hermle-Maschinen im Gebäude der Schmidt und Remmert GmbH

Machining 16 hours a day

Schmidt und Remmert GmbH
Tool and mold making

A look in the production shop shows that the new machining centre was not the company's first contact with Hermle.

Mitarbeiter bedient die C 42 U mit Handlingsystem HS flex von Hermle

Fully automated production of individual parts

Horstmann Maschinenbau GmbH
Commissioned production - special purpose machinery

Speed and quality are the self-declared goals that the mechanical engineering firm Horstmann wants to achieve with the help of Hermle's new 5-axis machining centre. The HS flex automation solution plays a key role in this process.

Axel Spadinger, Head of Tool Engineering & Making, Hans Brühl, Meister Teilefertigung und Werkzeugbau, und Günter Schulz, Maschinen-Bediener, alle vom Werkzeug- und Formenbau der WMF Group GmbH in Geislingen/Steige

Demands: Best surface in the shortest time

WMF Group
Werkzeug & Formenbau

Through its standardisation strategy and the C 22 UP machining centre from Hermle, the tool and mould making division of the WMF Group has managed to streamline die and tool production processes, thereby creating the scope for services for external customers.

Das Bearbeitungszentrum C 12 U mit Werkzeug-Zusatzmagazin ZM 35 und links dem Robotersystem RS 05 von Hermle wird von Mitarbeiter bedient

Automated implant production in just-in-time-mode

Medartis AG
Medical technology

Manufacturing order-related high precision implants within 24 hours: the Swiss company Medartis AG uses machining centres and robot systems from Hermle.

Zwei Mitarbeiter am Rüstplatz des Palettenwechslers PW 150 von Hermle

Investing shrewdly in performance and automation

Feusi AG 
Mechanical engineering

By investing in cutting-edge CNC machining centres from Hermle AGFeusi AG has been constantly enhancing its performance and competitiveness and is now able to machine complex milled parts simultaneously 24/7 with 5 axes.  

Einblick in das Innenleben der C 22 U mit dem Robotersystem RS 2 von Hermle

Efficiently milled precision non-stop

Pastec GmbH
Precision Technology
Contract manufacturing

From parts manufacturer to complete supplier for precision technology – Pastec GmbH lays the foundations for sustained success with Hermle's high-end milling technology and its Anodising department and assembly expertise. 

Der Maschinen-Bediener Alfredo Lapini, die CAM-Programmiererin Fabienne Weiss, Patrick Meyer, Geschäftsführer, und der CAM-Programmierer Markus Schwarz, alle von Carbomill AG in CH-Seon

Five-axis, high-end machining seven days a week


Geht nicht gibt’s nicht! 

Um die wachsende Kundschaft zuverlässig und termingetreu bedienen zu können, bedeutete dies für die mittlerweile vier Mitarbeitenden Fachkräfte der Carbomill AG aber auch, sowohl Technik auf dem höchsten Stand einsetzen als auch gleichzeitig Kapazitäten schaffen zu müssen.

Friedhelm Herhaus, Geschäftsführer, Christoph Schneider, Gruppenleiter Frästechnik, und Tom Herhaus, Anwendungstechnik/Bediener, alle vom Zerspanungstechnik-Dienstleister HETEC GmbH

Precision machining in large format

Mechanical engineering

Tool and mold making

Manufacturing and finishing large and heavy tool, mould and machine components using high-precision five-axis machining – machining specialist HETEC from Breidenbach fulfils customer requirements with an accuracy of 1/100th mm using Hermle machining centres.

Hans Binder, Leiter Geschäftsbereich Präzisionswerkzeuge, und rechts Matthias Deuschle, Programmierung/Bedienung, vor dem 5-Achsen-CNC-Hochleistungs- Bearbeitungszentrum C 42 U

Searching for partners with the aid of the ‘benchmark tool’

Tool and mold making

For high-accuracy, economical manufacturing of precision tools with batch sizes starting at 1, the Wilhelm Bahmüller company uses a type C 42 U five-axis machining centre from Hermle in its precision tools division. 

5-Achsen-CNC-Hochleistungs-Bearbeitungszentrum C 60 U von Hermle

Speedline delivery service from raw material to finished part

Marks GmbH
Contract manufacturing

Marks GmbH, a contract manufacturer and specialist supplier for mechanical engineering and tool construction, commands a special place in the German market due to its range of services. They include raw materials, precision flat steels, P-standard plates and 3-axis premilled or 5-axis finished active parts on Hermle machining centres, including all deep hole drilling work.

Sicht auf die Flexible Fertigungszelle mit Anbindung eines BAZ C 42 U von Hermle

24/7 precision milling in the micrometre range

Kappler GmbH & Co. KG
Contract manufacturing

Thanks to a flexible manufacturing cell from Hermle, consisting of three 5-axis CNC high-performance machining centres C 42 U and a robot system RS 2-L with a double magazine for 180 workpiece pallets and 200 additional tools, the precision technology specialist Kappler GmbH & Co. KG is venturing into new dimensions of productivity.

Das 5-Achsen-CNC-Hochleistungs-Bearbeitungszentrum C 22 U mit dem Zusatzmagazin ZM 43, betreut vom Fräser und Programmierer Stefan Heilek von GÜNTHER Heisskanaltechnik GmbH

A success factor: Quality production under one`s own aegis

Plastics processing

This is also one of the reasons why seven Hermle milling / CNC machining centres are to be found amongst the 35 CNC machine tools being used in multi-shift operation. 

The line of Hermle five-axis machining centres: the C 22 U featuring PW 150, the C 12 U with RS 05, and the C 40 U in the new production centre at Fetzer Medical GmbH & Co. KG


Fetzer Medical GmbH & Co. KG

Fetzer Medical GmbH & Co. KG employs tailored yet universally flexible Hermle machining centres in its role as an OEM partner manufacturing a wide range of surgical instruments and medical technology components to customer specifications.

Das Hermle-Fertigungszentrum bei µ-Tec GmbH in Chemnitz, bestehend aus einem 5-Achsen Bearbeitungszentrum C 42 UP und einem PW 850 Palettenwechsler mit frontseitigem Rüstplatz PW 850


µ-Tec GmbH
Tool and mould making

The service company μ-Tec GmbH relies on high-performance machining centres from Hermle for the automated 5-axis precision machining of tool, mould and machine components as well as complete injection moulding tools.

Oscar Bertoni – Production, Giordano Belleri - Production, Giovanna Fausti – CEO Fausti and Ernesto Molinari - Director of Hermle Italia

From stepwise CNC processing to 5-axis / 5 side CNC full processing

Hunting weapons

Using an innovative combination of traditional craftsmanship and five-axis machining centre technology, the Italian family-owned Fausti company fabricates high-quality hunting weapons.

A view of the ‘C 22 U machining centre parade’ in the Seco Tools India production plant in Pune

Reproducible accuracy for precision tools


Even under difficult climatic conditions, Hermle machining centres deliver to specifications. Seco Tools India uses 5-axis, high-performance CNC machining centres from the C 22 U and C 50 U series to manufacture very precise basic supports and components for the cutting tool programme in Pune in the State of Maharashtra. 

Part of the "Hermle Parade", currently featuring nine C-series high-performance five-axis CNC machining centres of various sizes and capacities


AXIS TECH s. r. o.
Contract Manufacturing

Czech company AXIS TECH s. r. o. is riding on a wave of sustained success thanks to its firm focus on the possibilities of five-axis/five-side complete/simultaneous machining using high-performance CNC machining centres from Hermle.

The three Hermle C 42 U five-axis machining centres

Successful start-up with 5-axis technology

Mechanical engineering

A standing start in the highly specialized supply industry – in only a little more than a year, the Italian Weerg company has become an in-demand cutting technology service provider in Italy and elsewhere with the aid of Hermle machining centres.

the two Hermle C 42 U high-performance five-axis CNC machining centres in the HK Präzisionstechnik GmbH "5-axis competence centre

5-axis complete machining not only saves work operations…

Heckler & Koch
Tool and mould making

Technology company HK Präzisionstechnik GmbH is increasingly focused on the use of five-axis high-performance machining centres from Hermle in its component manufacture for workpiece clamping systems and for tool and mould making.

Meopta – optika Mechanics Division Director Milan Ryšavy and Mechanical Engineering Manager Radomír Svoboda, and on the right Hermle Ceska Republika field sales executive Martin Skukalek

Five-axis ultra-high-precision for optics, precision mechanics, and much more

Optical industrie

Meopta – optika s. r. o. is a benchmark technology service provider whose entire output of high-precision parts made on Hermle machining centres is exported.

Mehrere Hermle-Maschinen im Gebäude der Shanghai Tobacco Machinery

High-end parts manufacturing in the Far East

STMC Shanghai Tobacco Machinery Co. Ltd.

Mechanical engineering

With its high-performance CNC 5-axis machining centres supplied by Hermle, STMC Shanghai Tobacco Machinery Co. Ltd. sets standards in terms of precision and productivity.

Der Maschinenpark von Marten Machining mit mehreren Hermle-Maschinen


Marten Machining
Precision mechanics

When Al Marten set up his business, he started with nothing but a passion to make things and a keen eye for detail.

Herbert Kaut, managing director and owner, Jürgen Sauter, master toolmaker, mould making manager and since 2015 co-managing director, and machine operator and programmer Dieter Lies, production manager Arthur Stroppel and machine operator and programmer Kurt Löffler

40 Years of Valued Partnership

Herbert Kaut GmbH & Co. KG
Tool and mould making

Since being set up in 1974, leading injection mould tool and plastics engineering specialist Kaut has relied on milling machines and CNC machining centres from Hermle AG.

The working range of the high-performance, 5-axis CNC machining centre C 52 U with a 1,150 x 900 mm NC rotary table for large components weighing up to 2,000 kg

5-Axis Milling Expertise for High-Tech Tool Making

Hirschmann Automotive GmbH
Automotive industrie

Fully integrated high-performance, 5-axis machining centres from Hermle allow engineers at Hirschmann Automotive to turn technical innovations into high quality mechatronic products more efficiently than ever before.

an overall view of the Hermle high-performance, 5-axis Hermle C 32 U CNC machining centre with a PW 250 pallet changer with storage; the PW 250 setup station is located at the front

Free Productivity Turbo

Tool and mould making

Medium-sized company tmv gmbh Metallverarbeitung & Vorrichtungsbau has invested in Hermle 5-axis technology and uses a pallet changer and standard HACS and AFC control software features to ensure effective productivity .

5-Achsen-Komplettbearbeitung einer Formplatte im Bearbeitungszentrum einer Hermle-Maschine


Langer GmbH & Co. KG
Tool & mould making

Jörg Lehmann, team leader of NC production at Langer says: "In our independent department, thirteen highly qualified members of staff produce all the tool elements for mould making at ultra-modern CNC machining centres.

Von rechts nach links: Dave Pegues, Jim Durham, Simon Rodenberg, Butch Boland


Seyer Industries

Today, Seyer Industries' more than 150 employees specialise in manufacturing high-level subassemblies for the aerospace and maritime industries as a major supplier for Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Gulfstream Aerospace and the armed forces of the United States.

Ein Industrieroboter für Traglasten und Regaleinheiten für Werkstückpaletten und Werkzeuge

Automated manufacturing in industrial tool making

Süddeutscher Automobilhersteller

South German automobile manufacturer

From 3 to 5 axis machining to highly automated production of toolmaking components: a major car manufacturer implements industrial tool making with the help of the robot supported manufacturing system from Hermle.

A Reliance Precision manufacturing engineer instigating movement of the pallet magazine to start an automated production run.


Reliance Precision

Reliance Precision's milling department team leader, Kenny Marsden, said: "Even though the C 22 U has been producing for only a few months, its accuracy is already evident.

Sietze de Jong, Group Leader Operations at Prodrive Technologies, in the middle Geert Cox, Managing Director Herme-Nederland B.V. and Chris van Helmond machine operator at Prodrive Technologies

Technology based manufacturing services

Prodrive Technologies
Electrical engineering

Using CAD/CAM manufacturing processes and high-end production technology, for example, highly automated 5 axis milling machines, Prodrive Technologies sets benchmarks for flexibility and economical methods in contract manufacture.

Werkstück aus Kupfer, welches mit einer Hermle-Maschine gefräst wurde

Milling precision saves trouble and energy

Research & Development

When it comes to precision in milling of mechanical components for manufacturing prototypes and development processes, CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, uses, among other tools, a 5 axis CNC high-power machining centre from Hermle.

A view into the robot and workpiece magazine system RS3 with the additional linear axis, consisting of the robot with gripper and three (left) plus one (back) rack units making a total of 43 workpiece pallets

Five axis for optimum tool setting

Connova AG
Tool and mould making

Using the highly optimised milling system from Hermle AG, the technology company Connova AG realises productive quality and economic machining of demanding components in the area of high-performance fibre-compound materials.

a change pallet with mounted magnetic clamping plate

Automated precision machining in tool making

Brink Group
Tool making

The Brink Group from Holland has been reducing manufacturing costs for years with automated parts manufacturing and increased spindle runtimes, thereby boosting their competitive strength.

A small selection of milled workpieces manufactured from diverse materials, some of which were produced using 5-axis technology from solid blanks

Top class order production

Zollner Elektronik AG
Electrical engineering

In prototype construction, sample series production, and tool making, the system solutions specialist of the mechatronics service providers - the Bavarian family business Zollner Elektronik AG - already relies on CNC machining centres from Hermle and their high level of automation.

Verwendung der Abdeckkappen aus Kunststoff als Steckelement mit innenliegenden Funktions- und außenliegenden Sichtflächen

Open to successive manufacturing automation

Julius Blum GmbH
Furniture Fittings

Although Hermle "only" filled the order for the machining centres in this project, we received complete support to be able to implement our comprehensive automation concept consistently. We call that working together at eye level, and we're very happy to have a partner like that on board." 

the use of a multiple die cast tool with four cavities (two in conventional two-part soldered design and two manufactured with MPA technology) for series production of cover flaps

Emphasising features with technological innovations…

Julius Blum GmbH
Furniture construction

Generative manufacturing with MPA technology in practical applications – how the "technology and production innovators" Julius Blum GmbH and Berthold Hermle AG complement each other in applying solution-oriented new tool making procedures.

Jan Kusters, Managing Director of Kusters Precision Parts in Oss Netherlands and Geert Cox, Managing Director of Hermle Nederland B.V.,

A question of part dimensions …

Kusters Precision Parts
Metal Products

With 5-axis machining know-how, mutually complementary machine working areas and an elevated level of automation, perpetually facing stiff competition and on the path to success.

Drei in Reihe aufgestellten 5-Achsen-CNC- Hochleistungs-Bearbeitungszentren C 60 U von Hermle

5 axes for faster ROI

Meissner AG
Tool and mould making

As a leading international provider of complete services in mould and tool making, medium-size company Meissner AG uses three Hermle C 60 U 5-axis CNC high performance machining centres to ensure ROI (Return on Investment) for its customer base.  

Von links Uwe Wambach, Betriebsleiter, und rechts Andreas Theis, Industriemechaniker, beide von Oculus Optikgeräte GmbH in Wetzlar, vor dem 5-Achsen- CNC-Hochleistungs-Bearbeitungszentrum C 22 U von Hermle

More from Oculus

Oculus Optikgeräte GmbH
Optical indusrie

From the idea to the product, or: Precision parts manufacturing and a high level of internal manufacturing as the central elements in a company's success in optical systems and instruments for optometrists and occupational medicine.

The new Hermle C 22 U CNC 5-axis high performance machining centre

The high "C" of milling

Schütz GmbH
Plastics technology
Tool & mould making

Schütz GmbH, a medium-sized service provider for CAD/CAM, prototype and machining technology, has relied on the performance of Hermle CNC machining centres from the very beginning.



Superb order production

Rhode & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
Electrical Engineering

The Teisnach plant, a centre providing services for mechanical and electronic manufacturing in the plant network of Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, uses automated CNC high performance machining centres from Hermle 

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