C 42 GEN2 / C 42 U MT GEN2 Machining centre

The C 42 GEN2 is the ongoing transition towards a new machine generation of the future.

The C 42 GEN2 machining centre from the High-Performance Line is an effective gateway into MT technology – thereby evolving seamlessly into a high-performance milling and turning centre. As a milling and turning centre, the C 42 / C 42 MT GEN2 responds to demands for the highest precision and very small tolerances through its traverse paths optimised to the workpiece dimension and well thought-through 5-axis usage. During this change process, the mechanics, which is fundamental to the precision and long-term accuracy of HERMLE products, was not altered. The key values of the machine remain exceptionally high, thereby clearly reaffirming its dominance in the field of 5-axis technology.

Numerous software and hardware components now feature cutting-edge technology. The entire electrical architecture has been revamped to incorporate ProfiNet as the communication bus, while a significant number of the sensors have been converted to IO Link (international standard). Furthermore, the entire drive network of Heidenhain machines has been revised and equipped with the latest generation of converters. These are all components that make the machines even more efficient. The entire platform introduces new technologies and functions, including cutting-edge interface technology and evaluation/diagnostic capabilities for enhanced service analysis in case of errors.

The energy efficiency of the entire machine (cooling units of the switch cabinet and spindle) has been further enhanced in combination with the high-pressure systems. In the future, many of the auxiliary units will transition to frequency-controlled drives, allowing for demand-driven and thus more energy-efficient closed-loop control. In addition to the financial benefits for our customers, this also allows us to make a real contribution to climate protection.

The entire CL management (CL = cooling lubricant) has been completely modified. This optimisation improves CL filtration, thereby enhancing its cleanliness and longevity.

Technical Data


  • Traverse path:  800 x 800 x 550 mm
  • Body:  Ø 800 / H 560 mm
  • Collision circle:  Ø 990 mm
  • Vertical table clearance:  max. 700 mm


  • Rotational speed: 15000/16000/20000/25000/42000 1/min
  • Rapid traverse linear X-Y-Z : 45 (60)–45 (60)–40 (60) m/min.
  • Swivelling rotary table: Ø 800 x 630 mm
  • Max. table loading: 1400 kg


C 42 U MT | Aircraft and aerospace industry | Engine housing

HERMLE C 42 U MT dynamic in 5-axis mill-turn version. Machining an engine housing in 1.2312 for the aircraft and aerospace industry

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C 42 U MT | Aircraft and aerospace industry | Skiving/fir tree

HERMLE C 42 U MT dynamic in 5-axis mill-turn version. Machining a milled/turned part using skiving and fir-tree cutters in 1.1730 for the aircraft and aerospace industry

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C 42 | Aircraft and aerospace industry | Pipe support

HERMLE C 42 U dynamic in 5-axis version, machining a pipe support in AlMg4.5Mn for the aircraft and aerospace industry, production of the outer mould using effective 5-axis roughing. Production of the deep cavities using 5-axis tubing.

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  • Chip drawer
  • Chip conveyor
  • Chip conveyor with internal cooling lubricant supply ICS 40
  • Chip conveyor with internal cooling lubricant supply ICS 80 and temperature controller

HERMLE machining centre C 42 GEN2 completely individual.

HERMLE offers you a wide range of options so that you can adapt the equipment of your HERMLE machining centre to your individual requirements.

It goes without saying that you will receive perfectly integrated systems and additions in which all elements are dovetailed, without friction or interface losses. Here are a few highlights:


Large pallet changer and complex robotics

A genuine milling/turning centre such as the C 42 / C 42 MT GEN2 also fulfils all demands in respect of automation. This starts with the compatible PW 850 pallet changer that can serve components and pallets with especially large dimensions. Further options are HS flex and the RS 05 / RSL, RS 2 and RS 3 robot systems. Up to three peripheral devices can be connected with the C 42 / C 42 MT GEN2 in this way. If required, the control tools HACS (“HERMLE Automation Control System”) and HIMS (“HERMLE Information Management System”) can be used to facilitate operation.

  • Pallet changer PW 850
  • Handling system HS flex heavy
  • Robot system RS 3


  • C 42 - Steuerung: Bedienpult
  • C 42 - Steuerung: Bedienpult

Heidenhain or Siemens

Heidenhain TNC7 and SIEMENS SINUMERIK ONE – these are the two control systems which can be used with the C 42 / C 42 MT GEN2. They feature a variety of configurations and functionalities – including tools for improving precision for rotary and swivel operations, shell transformation and transparent tool management. Options such as Dynamic Efficiency, Dynamic Precision or the Kinematic Opt. software also serve to widen the range of functions.

User reports

S&S Werkzeugbau - MPA

Cooler thanks to copper in the core

S&S Werkzeugbau GmbH
Tool and mold making

S&S Werkzeugbau manufactures complete injection moulds entirely in-house – from design through to the initial moulding. However, the mould makers make an exception in the case of a reliable cooling solution for narrow cross-sections: Hermle Maschinenbau uses metal-powder application technology (MPA) to integrate copper into mould cores, thereby optimising heat outflow in the injection moulding process.

Mitarbeiter der SK TECHNOLOGY

Accurate to the nearest hair is not precise enough

SK Technology

SK TECHNOLOGY is formidable when it comes to precision. That’s the result of an awareness that minute subtleties are the difference between acceptance and rejection – and a stock of machinery that can withstand critical inspection down to the micrometre range. This is where Hermle succeeds. Six automated 5-axis machining centres allow the cutting expert to be really picky.

NMH-Geschäftsführer Christian Bulander (Mitte) mit den Zerspanungstechnikern Matthias Eisele (links) und Elmar Käppeler.

Duplicate machines at NMH

Contract manufacturing

Price, quality and delivery dates are what really interest his customers, explains NMH Managing Director Christian Bulander. More recently, one robot and two virtually identical Hermle 5-axis machining centres have been helping the specialist engineering company and contract manufacturer to meet these challenging demands efficiently.

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