Many people say that HERMLE builds the best machines in the world.

HERMLE is all about milling and achieving outstanding results.

And we are committed to ensuring just this with our architecture, our structure, our work, our approach, our development, our construction, our assembly and our service. Everything we achieve, change or optimize makes our results better, more precise, available more rapidly– nothing more and nothing less. 

"Milling at its best" – as the slogan of HERMLE AG – sums this up aptly. It stands for high-performance, highly innovative machining centres which have risen to a leading position nationally and internationally. It stands for a sprawling and closely meshed sales and service network and the presence worldwide of more than 30,000 successfully installed machines. Ultimately, it stands for the success of our customers who achieve the best results in terms of precision and efficiency using our products. 

But what makes "milling at its best" possible? A constant supply of new ideas and the proverbial HERMLE precision in manufacturing, process consulting and sound project management. With more than 1,400 highly motivated employees, who are responsible for all this, we create the foundation. And we do this in a place which has traditionally been the home of precision mechanics and machine tools. All in all, these are the best possible prerequisites. They are the reasons why we enjoy a leading position today as a partner to numerous key industries. From large complex components to the smallest components in the high-tech area. From medicine to motorsport. 

How we work


Intensive tests, advanced measuring systems, unique precision software for increased accuracy and comprehensive system competence: Convincing arguments when less than a few μ decide over victory or defeat! A wealth of precision is contained in every HERMLE machining centre.


Perfectly matched components, mechanics, electronics and automation create the ideal package, outstanding control technology – and the right tactic from the start thanks to 3D development. The result is convincing! A wealth of reliability is contained in every HERMLE machining centre.

Long-term precision

Consistent, in-house production and intelligent machine structures represent the start, while regular calibration and our own software tools represent the difference. For endurance that keeps you one step ahead of the rest in every field. A wealth of long-term precision is contained in every HERMLE machining centre.

5-axis benchmark

We are a trailblazer and enable milling and turning in just one clamping setup thanks to our unique MT technology. Cooperative project delivery also ensures support through individual milling strategies for intricate parts. To ensure you never stand still! A wealth of 5-axis benchmark is contained in every HERMLE machining centre.

Service competence

Be it through remote maintenance, on-site assistance at your global locations or via hotline support: We are the specialists you can always trust to guarantee your manufacturing success! A wealth of service competence is contained in every HERMLE machining centre.


At HERMLE, we have a positive work culture and are committed to the fair and equal treatment of everyone we deal with: Employees, customers, suppliers and service providers. And last but not least we recognise our responsibility to the environment. A wealth of fairness is contained in every HERMLE machining centre.

Commitment to the site

We manufacture our products in Germany – at a Europe-wide centre of machining technology. We are a great team of specialists who are very passionate about what we do. We believe in dedication and clear focus to achieve our goals! A wealth of Gosheim is contained in every HERMLE machining centre.

Milestones of our company history

From humble beginnings to a global player.

When Berthold Hermle set up a bolt and machine screw manufacturing company in 1938 in the southwestern German town of Gosheim, nobody could have guessed just how successful this venture would become. The company’s spirit and desire to exceed standards was evident even back then. And HERMLE has remained committed to this philosophy over the past 85 years despite its dynamic and remarkable development. Learn more about the milestones of our tradition-steeped company; entire a world where tradition and modernity come together. Come with us on a journey through time! 

  • HERMLE AG Standort Zimmern
    2022: Capacity expansion for future growth – Hermle acquires the first expansion areas required for setting up a new large parts production facility, expanding mineral casting production and creating additional storage capacity at the Zimmern ob Rottweil site.

    The new subsidiary Hermle Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is officially launched.
  • Ausbau der spanenden Fertigung am Standort Gosheim
    2021: Hermle expands its machining capacities at the location in Gosheim.
  • Eröffnung einer Blechfertigung am Standort Zimmern ob Rottweil
    2020: Hermle manages to overcome the economic slump caused by COVID-19 pandemic and keeps its workforce intact. Founding of Hermle Southeast Asia (Thailand) to strengthen the company´s market position in Southeast Asia.
    Opening of an ultra-modern sheet metal production facility at the location in Zimmern ob Rottweil.
    As a full-range supplier, Hermle now supplies automation solutions for the entire spectrum or machines.
  • Komplettübernahme HLS HERMLE Systemtechnik GmbH
    2019: Hermle expands its machining capacities at the location in Gosheim.

    2018: Hermle expands its machining capacities at the location in Gosheim.
  • Erweiterung der Spanenden Fertigung am Standort Gosheim
    2017: Hermle expands its machining capacities at the location in Gosheim.
  • Zwei neue Produktionshallen ab 2016
    2016: Hermle expands its machining capacities at the location in Gosheim.
  • Neues Bewirtungsgebäude 2014
    2014: At its Gosheim location, the company moves into a state-of-the-art production facility for the assembly of large machines and automated plants and opens a new restaunrant for customers and visitors.
  • Neues Logistikzentrum + HERMLE in Polen 2011
    2011: Hermle establishes new branch in Poland.
    A new warehouse and logistics centre commences operations at the company headquaters in Gosheim.
  • HERMLE Gebäude Luftaufnahme
    2009: During the financial crisis, the concept of the breathing company proves itself once again: Despite the drop in demand, Hermle manages to make a profit and avoid job losses.

    In order to facilitate the opening up of the markets in Scandinavia and south-east Europe, a new branch is established in Denmark and a representative office is opened in Bulgaria.
  • Service- und Dienstleistungszentrum + weitere Standorte 2004
    2006: Founding of Hermle Italia S.r.l. to directly address the Italian market.

    2005: Founding of the export business Hermle WWE AG in Switzerkand and a Russian subsidiary.

    2004: Opening of the customer service centre at the installation location in Gosheim.
    Opening of the sales branches and representative offices in China, Austria and the Czech Republic.
  • Service- und Vertriebszentrum USA 2003
    2003: Service and sales centre commissioned in North America.
  • Technologie- und Schulungszentrum 2000
    2001: US branch becomes independent entity as Hermle Machine Co. LLC.
    Founding of Hermle Nederland B.V.

    2000: New technology and training centre opened at the company headquarters in Gosheim.
  • HERMLE AG Schweiz + Vorführzentrum 1999
    1999: Hermle Schweiz AG is founded in Switzerland as sales and service support centre.
    Opening of the new Technology and Training Centre in the Kassel-Lohfelden business park.
  • „Konzept 2000“ 1993
    1998: Founding of HLS Hermle Systemtechnik GmbH as ajoint venture for customer-specific automation of Hermle achines.

    1997: Hermle Vertriebs GmbH commences operations.

    1995: Optimisation of company as part of the 2000 Concept.
  • AG-Umwandlung 1990
    1992: Start of comprehensive restructuring of the Hermle Group in Germany and abroad.

    1990: Conversion of company to Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG and IPO.
    Company opens new sales and administration building in Gosheim.
  • Erneute Umfirmierung 1984
    1984: Conversion of the company to Maschinenfabrik Berthold HERMLE GmbH & Co.
  • CNC-Fräsmaschinen 1978
    1978: Start of production of CNC controlled milling machines.
  • NC-Steuerung 1975
    1975: Production of numercially-controlled milling machines.
  • Universal-Fräsmaschine 1972
    1972: Presentation of first Hermle universal milling machine.
  • Fräsmaschinen-Produktion 1957
    1957: Milling machine production begins.
  • Zentrifugen-Herstellung 1956
    1956: Centrifuge production begins.
  • Erste Umfirmierung 1953
    1953: Conversion of company to Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle KG.
  • Unternehmensgründung 1938
    1938: Founding of the company, a bolt and machine screw manufacturer in the southwestern German town of Gosheim.
    Production of turned parts begins.

Your visit to HERMLE

How to find HERMLE Maschinenfabrik

Berthold HERMLE AG
Industriestrasse 8-12
D-78559 Gosheim

Phone: +49 (0) 7426/95-0

How to find the HERMLE Technology and Training Centre

HERMLE Technology and Training Centre
Waldauer Weg 86
D-34253 Kassel-Lohfelden

Phone: +49 (0) 561/5103879

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