Investing shrewdly in performance and automation

C 22 U PW 150 | FEUSI CH | Mechanical and process equipment manufacturing

Qualitative growth through technology investment

By investing in cutting-edge CNC machining centres from Hermle AG, Feusi AG has been constantly enhancing its performance and competitiveness and is now able to machine complex milled parts simultaneously 24/7 with 5 axes

“With passion for precision” is the basic belief of the Swiss company Feusi AG. Paul Feusi founded the company in 1956 as a small precision mechanics workshop for the production of mechanical parts. Since then it has remained true to its original values of outstanding technology and quality. This is demonstrated by constant investment in state-of-the-art production technologies. With more than 50 years of experience, Feusi AG is a much sought-after partner for the flexible production of high-precision components for mechanical and process equipment manufacturing. “To be able to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers in a flexible manner, we rely on the high performance and maximum technical availability of our machinery,” explains Willi Gebert, who is responsible for Administration, Strategy and Finances at Feusi AG. “Since 1994, this, along with other things, has led to us initially using universal mill- ing machines and later CNC machining centres as well as 5-axis CNC high-performance machining centres from Hermle AG.” 

  • Werkstücke, die mit einer Hermle-Maschine gefertigt wurden
    a small excerpt from the range of intricate workpieces made of St 52, CroNiMo 34, stainless steel or aluminium; here, complex chassis parts made of St 52
  • Zwei Mitarbeiter am Rüstplatz des Palettenwechslers PW 150 von Hermle
    the operator-friendly setup station of the PW 150 pallet changer

From demonstration machine to new order

What began with the UWF 900 E universal milling machine was continued by Feusi with the C 22 U, C 42 U/MT as well as the 5-axis CNC machining centres C 250 U and C 400 U. The Swiss company uses them to process precision parts with edge lengths of just a few millimetres up to large mechanical engineering and chassis parts weighing several hundred kilograms – from prototypes to medium-sized production runs. “We have had excellent experiences with the precision, performance and reliability of the Hermle machining centres and the service and know-how of the Hermle specialists,” says Rolf Kälin, who is responsible for sales and quality assurance at Feusi. Citing one example, he explains: “When we were under deadline pressure, Hermle provided us with a C 22 U demonstration machine to ensure we could supply the customer on time with impeller components of the required quality. This resulted in an order for the complete machining of larger impeller components measuring 750 millimetres in diameter, which is why we purchased the 5-axis machining centre C 42 U/MT.”


Investing shrewdly in performance and automation

This investment also paid off: The option of machining larger components resulted in further orders – both for the Swiss precision engineering company and for Hermle. With the aim of 24/7 production, Feusi added the high-performance machining centre C 22 U with the 11-fold pallet changer PW 150 for automatic 5-axis machining to its range of machinery.

“We invested with foresight and will continue to do so in the future, without losing sight of profitability,” explains Willi Gebert. Evidence of this philosophy can also be seen at Feusi AG in the recent investments in Hermle machining centres. The precision engineering company has successively purchased two CNC machining centres of both the C 250 U and C 400 U series. According to Rolf Kälin, this allows certain new workpieces to be machined on the one C 400 U and then produced in series automatically on the other C 400 U, which is additionally equipped with a pallet storage and an additional magazine for tools. Since these are Hermle machining centres, which are very similar in terms of their design, operating concept and equipment, it is not difficult for operators to change from one to the next. The facilitated multiple operation results in further advantages which ultimately benefit the spindle running times and thus utilisation and economic efficiency.

Willi Gebert, Leiter Administration, Strategie und Finanzen, Rolf Kälin, Verantwortlicher Verkauf und Qualitätswesen, beide von der Feusi AG, und ganz links Christian Simon, Gebietsverkaufsleiter der Hermle (Schweiz) AG
From right to left Willi Gebert, Head of Administration, Strategy and Finances, Rolf Kälin, Responsible for Sales and Quality Assurance, both from Feusi AG, and far left Christian Simon, Regional Sales Manager Hermle (Switzerland) AG

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