Machining production facility

Overbuilding Building 6

  • Gebäude 6 - Spanende Fertigung nach der Aufstockung von 5,00 auf 12,5 m
    Building 6 – machining after raising the ceiling height from 5 m to 12.5 m
  • Gebäude 6 - Spanende Fertigung vor der Entnahme des alten Gebäudeskelettes (August 2017)
    Building 6 – machining before removing the old ‘skeleton’ of the building (August 2017)

Flexible manufacturing

  • - No “traditional process planning”

    - Deployment field for material unloading and transport

    - The flexible manufacturing system is controlled and regulated automatically according to a

       grid plan (Felios). Featuring a quarterly, weekly and daily preview

    - Flexible manufacturing system

    - The system is in operation as needed seven days a week, three shifts a day, with two 

      employees present during the night shift.


  • The new facility contains three Heller universal machining centres with a 14-pallet storage system and a setup station.
  • A new Burkhardt + Weber universal machining centre combined with a 4-level, high-bay pallet storage system for up to 32 pallets.
  • Two Hermle C 60 UP MT dynamic 5-axis machining centres with mill/turn function and a PW 3000 pallet changer and a ZM 192 additional magazine.

Energy management

The process heat (specific heat) from the production machines is transferred to a storage system and distributed via a heat/cold convector or converted into cold air in the summer.
New transformer station for building 6. At low voltage, our cable lengths result in an up to 2% capacity loss. However, power is saved by installing the transformer station directly at the consumer.

Facts about the new production facility:

Construction period:  January 2016 – end of 2017
Ceiling height:  increased from 5 m to approx. 12.50 m
Overall height:  approx. 18.80 m
Length:   approx. 66 m
Width:   approx. 37 m
Reconstructed space: approx. 30300 m3 
Floor space:  approx. 2330 m2    
Plant room:  approx. 3700 m3
Floor space:  approx. 700 m2

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